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Flat Roofing

Flat roof repair guide for felt, asphalt, rubber epdm, concrete or fibreglass grp flat roofs, and what is the best waterproof paint sealant to stop leaks. Read our guide at flatroofs.ie

Flat Roof Costs

Our fully qualified flat roofers can suggest the best solution to suit your needs and budget available.

Why Flat Roofs

Homeowners are turning to flat roofs. They take a lot less time to construct than pitched roofs. This is a real bonus if you want to cut both your contractor costs, and if you want to avoid long periods paying rent on temporary accommodation during the construction phase of your build.

Reasons to Choose

The best benefit of a flat roof is always going to be cost, as they are cheaper than an extension with a pitched roof. Flat roofs can have a great modern look and feel. Skylights and light can be added easily – flat roof can incorporate other design elements, such as skylights, lights and personalised roofing systems – HVAC Building Cooling Systems.

Advantages of Flat Roofing

Design is simple

Its clean, clutter-free design which makes it a stand-out choice.

Why people choose flat roofs

This type of roof is ideal for their homes or commercial buildings because it can last years with little maintenance.


Cheaper because fewer materials are used in building a flat roof.


The average flat roof can last for more than 30 years, it maintains structure and is visually appealing.

When Choosing

It’s important to determine whether the roof is in need of a quick repair or complete replacement.

An entire replacement could take up to a week, although a repair may only take a few hours. Fibreglass roofs are the ideal solution to back kitchens, sheds or garage roof repairs.

See fibreglassroofing.ie for information on garage roof repair services.

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